A strategic Information Technology Partner, helping Gambian clients transform great ideas to reach their optimal potential.

Proven delivery capabilities with People, Process and Technology.

A comprehensive one stop shop for all your IT and Telecom services engagement needs.

Best in class Design, Implementation, Performance, and Scalability Engineering for IPTV, Telecom, Web, Mobile, Unified Communications, and Cloud enabled solutions.

We measure our success based on client satisfaction and the business impact we deliver for our clients from our engagements.

We have skilled, QUALIFIED and CERTIFIED professional IT staff across the globe with offices in The Gambia, USA, and India.



We are Gambians

We have a strong desire to help develop and advance the IT & Telecom sector in the country, and to help our partners maximize their potentials and open up new revenue streams.

We understand your needs

We understand the extra ordinary challenges you’ve faced and continue to face. We can help you overcome some of these challenges and expand and compliment your brand and customer base.

Innovate Faster

Let us help you innovate faster in the high velocity Gambian Telecom market

We have a product in place

Waazi IPTV is available on smart-phones, tablets, and set top boxes.

We currently have over 3,000 users based in The Gambia.

A bulk of the users are using other MNOs to access the platform


Building and Strengthening Organizational Capacities To Help Organizations Reach Their Optimal Potential.


We Believe In Doing Work That Translates Into Improved Outcomes For Our Partners & The Gambia.


We Will Actively Engage In the Role Of A Trusted Partner, To Provide Partners and Clients With Affordable, Efficient, Effective Technology Solutions.


We Intend To Operate A Socially Conscious Company That Strongly Encourages Local Partnerships, Thus Helping Local Partners Reach Their Optimal Potential In The Delivery Of IT and Telecom Services In The Gambia.


Building great teams:

One for all, all for one. We commit ourselves to building great teams for our employees, partners, and clients.


We don’t believe in just meeting the client’s expectations, we strive to exceed by providing excellent solutions.


Through constant innovation we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions.


Complete transparency within the company, and to our clients and partners in how we execute our projects or partnerships.